Job Descriptions Gone Wrong

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Job Descriptions Gone Wrong
Job Descriptions Gone Wrong

As your company grows, the number of people your company needs also grows. That is why you have your very own recruitment people to screen and hire all the right persons for the right position. We all know that recruitment is a very long and very tiring process.


However, most of the time, we tend to forget where exactly recruitment starts? Does it start from the candidates walking in with their resumes? Or during the initial interview, initial exam, where?


Well, recruitment starts from job vacancy offer. The first stage used to be very difficult as it was all manual. However, thanks to the internet, this process is now as easy as pie. Fresh graduates will be very most beneficial to this as they have all the time in the world to keenly search for their desired vacancies at the palm of their hands.


If you are a fresh graduate and are in the lookout for jobs, consulting the internet will be a very good step for you to take. As you scroll down the page, you see your desired job vacancy and look for the qualification. But what’s this? Your dream job needs someone who’s got 3 years of experience. What will you do? You do not have any!


Well here is just one clear scenario of what most recruiters do with their job posts. There’s no doubt they’ll never get to fill in that vacancy.


So to avoid this here’s a quick rundown of to do’s for job posting.


  1. Provide complete information. Your job posting is your key to your manpower. Providing complete information creates more answers than questions. We don’t want applicants to bombard us with questions that can be avoided if the job posting is in complete details.


This can save time and gives the recruiter to ask more sensible questions than spending time answering a job candidate’s questions.


  1. Formatting. Remember, the eye is the first to judge. If a candidate sees a poorly-formatted job posting, more or less this will shock your applicants. How your advertisements appear might give the candidate the idea of how the company looks like as well. So better check first your postings before making them public.


  1. Highlight why your company should be chosen. Aside from making that first impression of having a complete and detailed job posting, perks and gimmicks can also entice a potential candidate. Rewards of having medical coverage, regularization and such can definitely put you on the list.


  1. Laidback requirements. Job descriptions are intended to be short but very informative. Most of the time, the qualifications are written in generic terms thus making an illusion that the company is looking for generic applicants.


But to be honest, the company is looking for more than that. And when the application day comes, the recruitment spends more time and effort on rejecting applicants than hiring. We don’t want to be spending the whole day not having a new hire, right?


Companies should take time to look and check on their job postings. By using these steps, your company can save time, money and effort and also can get more qualified applicants during the recruitment process.


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Article Contributed by HR in Asia‘s Team.

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