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2017/06/23 8:49:34 AM

Gap Increases Between Singapore and Malaysia in Global Cost of Living Rankings

Singapore is now the 24th most expensive location in the world for expatriates, falling from 18th place last year. This was one of the findings…

2017/06/23 8:24:28 AM

Lower-Wage Civil Servants in Singapore to Receive Built-in Wage Increase of upto $20 in Monthly Salary

Lower-wage civil servants in Singapore will receive a built-in wage increase of up to $20 in monthly salary, over and above their annual increment in…

2017/06/23 8:16:39 AM

Training Providers Sought to Conduct Settling-In Programme for First-Time FDWs in Singapore

MOM calls upon training providers to conduct settling-in programme (SIP) for first-time FDWs in Singapore. To be eligible to conduct this programme for FDWs, the…

2017/06/23 8:07:57 AM

MOM Steps Up Enforcement Measures to Improve Vehicular Safety at Workplaces

Minister of State for Manpower, Mr Sam Tan joined MOM inspectors on an enforcement operation at a workplace this week. This inspection is a part of stepping…

2017/06/22 8:22:25 AM

MNCs Focus on Mobile Workforce to Ensure Global Competitiveness and Tap Growth Opportunities

In a rapidly changing world, mobility has become a core component of multinational organisations’ global talent strategy. To support the growing number of international assignees…

2017/06/21 8:43:23 AM

Closer Look at Maternity Leaves Around the World

We take a closer look at what maternity leave looks like around the world… Which Countries Have the Most Maternity Leave? COUNTRY DAYS WAGES PAID…