How Recruiters Screen Their Candidates

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How Recruiters Screen Their Candidates
how recruiters screen candidates

It is always an instinct for recruiters to go easy with the candidates especially during the first stage of screening. Of course, it is always essential to create a positive vibe with the candidates so that you can bring out the best in them, take all the nervousness off them and make them feel confident about the job they are applying for.


Indeed, going easy with the candidates during the initial interaction with the recruiters can definitely bring positivity in the room. However there are some instances, like for example being too much lenient, that can give you a pool of “poor quality” job seekers who can later on have a very bad effect in the company and its performance. Aside from that, your reputation as a credible recruiter can be put into the test.


In order for a recruiter to maintain his or her credibility, he or she must be lenient with the candidates but, without putting into jeopardy the company’s reputation. Make sure that you are practicing a dash of leniency and a portion of scrutiny.


By doing this, you will be able to study your applicants deeper by their attitude, work ethics and the credentials they have. Being keen to details while being approachable can definitely help you save a lot of time and effort at work.


If you still cannot decide whether or not to accept an applicant for a job post, the following might help you:



A recruiter should always take note of the time needed for the job posting to be filled. Through interviews and scrutinizing the applicants’ resumes, you can definitely establish a clear view on how soon the applicant can start working for the job. Establishing a clear timeframe can help you decide if this candidate is worth patching through the next level or not.



Look at the resume very carefully. Does the applicant posses all the needed skills and abilities for the job? How long did she stay with her previous employer? Did she join several seminars and trainings that can be beneficial for the company?


A resume can definitely give you answers to these essential questions and in return, you can ask the applicant follow-up questions to probe on what’s written on her resume.



You can ask your applicant about what motivates her to get this job. If the answer is a complete blur, you should think twice. This person might be one of those company hoppers that are only seeking for temporary employment.



All applicants tend to impose a sense of urgency in getting the job. Of course, this is to impress the recruiter and make them a possible candidate for the job. But you should always be keen to every single word they say for a fish can be caught through its mouth.

If you can’t sense the urgency in his following statements, then you may better choose to qualify somebody else.


Being a recruiter can definitely give you many sleepless nights. You can even see an applicant crying after an interview session with you. However, you are just doing your job. And asking the right questions can definitely help you land to a perfect fit for the job accurately and quickly.


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