Are You READY?

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Are You READY?
Be Ready for Candidates' questions

Applicants are taught to be proactive especially during job application. During an interview they are strongly advised to ask questions to the interviewer in order to identify the match of their skills with the job and to assert their career growth in the company. Too often in the process of recruitment, interviewers are unprepared when asked by applicants pertaining to a lot of things aside from the job opening. If you are the interviewer set out by human resource management then prepare for these questions that applicants may be eager to ask you.

“What would be my overall work responsibility?”

If the applicant’s resume shows that the job responsibilities are something he’s experienced in then this question may pertain to simple reiteration of his daily workflow in order to avoid miscommunication. This is because some organizations assume that certain types of work are covered in a set of job responsibilities but is actually meant for another designation and for which the applicant may not be fully aware of.

“What career developments and advancements do you offer your employees?”

This isn’t as intimidating as it sounds. In fact, you’ll be glad to know that you are dealing with a talent that is ready to grow with your organization and for whatever he learns on the job your company will reap the benefits. Satisfy their long term goals by providing them a glimpse of the company’s “partner” plans.

“What challenges is your organization currently facing?”

Your answer to this question will provide your applicant the cue on how much pressure will be put on him. Likewise, they may want to know whether their skills set are apt for the job. Treat the question as a good opportunity to discuss about the industry and make it exciting that the applicant would feel pleased to belong in it.

“What’s the reason you joined this organization?”

This is not a private question, so to speak, as anyone on the street can ask you the same. Instead, take this as a means to present your case by highlighting on the personal growth you have experienced working for the company. The idea is to provide inspiration and allow the talent to take it from there.

“What do I need to do to succeed as a top performer in this role?”

Not all applicants are as tough as the one asking this question. This is not to say this applicant is out to get somebody else’s job, but just pure work intention to perform well. This applicant is highly motivated from the inside; what he needs is a venue and set of challenges where he can channel his energies to. Be specific on what traits top performers must possess as well as the support system you are willing to provide.


“What happened to the one handling this job?”

Truth be told, applicants want to know what happened to the one previously handling the job. Did they leave the company for better opportunity or got fired? It’s better to be truthful especially if retention in this job position is very important. If the job position was just recently created then the applicant would know that your organization is primed for growth.


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Article Contributed by HR in Asia‘s Team.

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