Ways to Attract and Keep Best Employees

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Ways to Attract and Keep Best Employees
Ways to attract and keep the best employees

In the human resource office, hiring is a very crucial and important activity. The company depends on competent and loyal employees to last in the business. If the HR personnel do not realize the value of hiring the right talents, then, the company is bound to experience an unimaginable loss in terms of wasted resources for recruitment.

The hiring process

It all starts with the job posting. Before you post a job, you have to set the talent profile. Hiring does not mean simply filling up the vacant position. It means looking for the right person that can function well for the job, on a long term.  With this, you have to be able to enumerate:

  1. Functions of the job. State the primary and secondary work within the position.
  2. Decide what skills the job needs. You need skilful worker that will function well in that specific position.
  3. Know what type of personality the job requires. Know that every person is unique: serious people, comical, fast-paced, perfectionists and so on. This will help you during the interview. Knowing the right personality means being able to narrow down candidates within the range of qualifications.

The interview

Interview is important in the recruitment process because you will initially get to know the applicant for the position. How the person talks, acts and make decisions under pressure during interview is a big help in your assessment. Usually, companies conduct a series of three interviews before sending the applicant to the psychometrician for IQ and EQ test.

How keep the best employee

Now that you got the one that bested all the other applicants, the next problem is how to keep him in the company until he retires. Here are some tips on improving loyalty among good employees:

  1. Treat them well. Studies show that money is not everything that a worker is looking for in a company. If the employee feels that that he is valued and his work is a highly appreciated, then there is a great possibility that he will stay with the company for a long time.
  2. Give a reasonable pay check. While treating an employee well is an amazing thing, giving them reasonable pay also matter. You may not pay as much as the leading company in the country but at least yours should not fall very far behind the job market price.
  3. Replace small pay check with things significant to them like free education for their kids, bankable amount of unused leaves which can be converted into cash at the end of the year or health benefit for the whole family. If you take something away, be sure to give something back in return. This way, your best employees will not feel left out or maltreated.

Every company needs good human resource management who can recruit the best talents in the job market place and be able to keep them in the company for the long haul.


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