Why Use Infographics to Build Your Employer Brand?

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Why Use Infographics to Build Your Employer Brand?
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Money remains a key driver for people to apply for a job – it’s true. But aside from financial rewards, what attracts them to work and stay longer at an organization? The answer is employer branding. 

Amidst today’s Great Resignation trend, building a solid employer brand has become a priority HR agenda. Companies of all sizes make use of employer branding strategies to attract and retain the best talents. And yet, cultivating employer branding that makes your business stand out against competitors can’t be done in the blink of an eye. In an era where global attention span is narrowing, advertising an employer brand should go beyond words; you need to let visuals captivate people and make them notice your business. 

Employer branding is a byproduct of HR and Marketing, turning companies into commodities that, like products, need to be marketed and placed under the spotlight. For HR professionals, it can be a communication exercise in relying on employees who value their company to amplify its image, attract the best talent, and, finally, retain high-performers in the long run. Creating an impactful employer brand, however, is not easy. 

Simply being present on social media is not enough to be of interest to prospective job candidates. In this case, visual representations are an essential component of any well-rounded content strategy. They bring a new perspective to content types. Colored images have even been demonstrated by studies to improve a person’s proclivity to read a piece of text by up to 80%. Still not convinced? Here are some reasons why you need to use visuals and infographics to build an employer brand.

Visuals are Easily Captivating

Data has always been an effective tool to engage people. Facts, numbers, and charts have a lot of influence. Infographics are more than just a visually appealing approach to sharing information; they also allow you to communicate massive datasets in a way that is readily understandable and has a large influence on its viewers. A skillful mix of fonts, sizes, colors, and visual components has the capacity to draw attention to important data. 

Visualizations seem to be a terrific way to position your company as an employer of choice when it comes to increasing your company’s brand and visibility. Visuals offer the advantage of promoting your brand with eye-catching pictures that express its identity in an understandable manner. They allow job seekers to become acquainted with your brand and what it has to say.

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Visuals can help reinvent your discourse on values

Over time, the debate on values has become monotonous. Corporate values, which are often a collection of 4-5 phrases, appear to be fairly interchangeable between businesses these days – team spirit, honesty, customer service, and so on. The identical concepts are proudly promoted from one company to another. When you take a deeper look, you may notice that a typical value proposition may not be as significant to an external candidate as it is to your internal managers and employees. 

Visuals can help you express your beliefs in a far more meaningful way to job seekers. Do you genuinely feel that good customer service is at the heart of everything your business does? Then create an infographic highlighting the statistics around the activities your company takes to provide 5-star service. Do you think you have given enough interesting employee benefits? Then show it with digital-drawn illustrations of the types of employee benefits you provide. You can express what your organization believes in by using confirmed facts and data, transforming them into more real and meaningful thoughts, thanks to visuals.

Visuals are Easier to Share

In the digital era, you cannot afford to put aside the impact of social media on your recruitment strategy. With more and more Gen-Z entering the workforce, it makes even more sense to leverage this channel to feed your talent pipeline. Visuals have the advantage of integrating gamification to bring a viral dimension to your employer brand-building strategy. As Gen-Z are drawn to social media, which emphasizes visuals more than anything, they will be more receptive to seeing things that attract their eyes.

Additionally, graphics are not only one of the most shared types of material on social media, but they are also an enjoyable and engaging method to carry information. In fact, content with intriguing images receives 94% more views than material without them. People utilize social media to learn about an employer’s brand, and there’s a clear potential to use graphic designs to develop a favorable employer brand image on those platforms. You can simply advertise your business’s Infographics on your company profile, embed them on your corporate sites, and share them with others to help spread the word about your brand. Sharing infographics to reveal your employer brand is also an excellent approach to creating and maintaining connections with individuals, not just while they are actively looking for a new job. 

Final Take

To develop an awesome employer brand, you must have something to express, a compelling message, and give important, relevant information that will function as a magnet to develop your talent pool. Your employer brand cannot survive and grow in the absence of a robust, diverse, and consistent content strategy; you need visuals to speak for you.

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