Higher Salary and Career Progression Key Drivers for Job Search among Indian Professionals

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Higher Salary and Career Progression Key Drivers for Job Search among Indian Professionals
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2022 has brought a new hope amongst professionals with markets slowly opening up again. To understand more about what the professionals of the rising workforce are looking forward to this year, apna.co, India’s largest professional networking platform conducted a study “Apna Bharat Back to Work” with more than 5000 professionals across Tier I and Tier II cities that reveals interesting upcoming trends.

According to the survey, more than 50 percent professionals are looking forward to switching their jobs in the next 3 months. Across domains, 4 out of 5 professionals would like to continue in the same job profile. The majority of the respondents are certain about their preferred location/city to work.

The study also reveals that on average the candidates at least apply for 5 jobs in a month. More than 50 percent are active job searchers on jobs platforms, 22 percent of the respondents keep searching for jobs all the time while 30 percent search once every alternate month.

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In reference to the key triggers for searching for a new job, around 74 percent users said that they desire a higher salary, while 37 percent users are looking for a career progression.

The survey also reveals that while the professionals in Tier I cities are more aspirational while searching for a job, tier II users are largely driven by higher salaries. Respondents looking for career progression as the main motivation, however, are still open to gaining a different job as money continues to be the primary motivator however they look upon that job as a stop-gap solution while they are still on the lookout for the right kind of job basis their aspirations.

The survey also reveals that the rising workforce is now looking for additional benefits such as medical insurance for themselves and their families, perks such as creche services for child care, etc while considering a job.

“The rising workforce is the backbone of any business today and it is important for organizations to ensure their growth. We are certain that employers will take the findings of the survey seriously and support us in improving the working standards for the rising workforce” Karna Chokshi, Chief Operating Officer, apna.co, said.

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