Retention and Recruitment of A-Players still the Key Concern for HR in Hong Kong

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Retention and Recruitment of A-Players still the Key Concern for HR in Hong Kong
Retention and Recruitment of A-Players still the Key Concern for HR in Hong Kong

More than half of HR leaders face challenges in the retention of top employees says a survey conducted by en world Hong Kong.

Hong Kong, October 24, 2014: Even during the present economic conditions and recruitment situations, HR professionals are invariably worried about recruitment programs and employee retention. A survey conducted by en world Hong Kong has revealed that more than half of HR leader face challenges when it comes to the retention of top employees. Moreover, about 85% of HR professional believe that their firm has struggled to recruit top talent.

The economy across Asia Pacific continues to grow and the quality of local hires is the key to develop a successful business. Bernard Yeo, Country Manager for en world Hong Kong believes that the main challenge HR is facing is in hiring and retaining A-Players, “HR is prioritising recruitment programs but due to increased employee turnover they are struggling to catch up. Where en world adds value is through managing recruitment seamlessly as many organisations can’t afford to put the resources and framework in place. Outsourcing recruitment on a contingency basis enables employers to adopt a “just in time” mentality to mid-career hiring so they can use in-house resources to focus on retention after people join.”

Mr. Yeo recommends HR Professionals consider the following questions regarding their top talent:


What are your People Thinking?

“One relatively simple, but yet highly underappreciated, technique of employee retention is the age-old technique of getting feedback from current employees. Employers need to know what current employees value but also where they think company culture or benefits are lacking. An employee satisfaction survey can be helpful for existing employee retention and motivation but also for attracting fresh talent. It is well known that motivated staff are crucial for company growth and profit acceleration so companies should also review what and how they reward key behaviours and activities that drive the business, ” added Mr Yeo.

What Opportunities Exist for Me at this Company?

For example, internal mobility plays a quite significant role when it comes to providing an overall positive picture, so small initiatives like the proper advertising of open roles internally can have a huge impact in showing a future career plan to your team.

Are my Colleagues A-Players?

A-Players want to be around other A-players and need to be recognized as such. Nothing is more demotivating to your top talent than seeing resources squandered on underperformed whilst their own career and performance goes unrewarded. Any kind of retention technique must primarily revolve around employee motivation especially of your “star employees”. Acquiring and retaining excellent workers often depends on a feeling of whether “the business is exciting or not”.

Am I Really Hiring an A-Player?

It is not easy to find someone who can be a superstar when you are recruiting under a time constraint to fill a key role. That is why en world recommends Topgrading®, a comprehensive method and tool for hiring and retaining top performers. Topgrading helps to increase the likelihood of hiring top performers up to 85%. Topgrading incorporates tools for shortlisting A players before the interview process.

en world is a ‘Certified Topgrading Affiliate’ with Topgrading Inc, U.S.- based consulting company specializing in the ‘Topgrading®’ methodology. If you are interested learning more, contact us at

About en world:

en world provides recruitment services focused on mid-career professionals. The company was established in Japan in 1999 and has expanded to Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, Australia, Vietnam, Thailand and India. With 800 staff representing 20 nationalities in 15 offices, we introduce talent to over 2,800 clients across the Asia Pacific Region. en world is a subsidiary of en-japan Inc., Japan’s leading internet-based recruitment solutions provider.


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