How Internal Talent Mobility Can Help Retain Talent and Attract Great Hires?

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When employees are happy, they are more productive and focused, allowing them to grow. However, 45% of workers are dissatisfied with their current employer’s advancement opportunities. Your employees start to slip in productivity. They smile less. Projects take longer and clients are less satisfied. What can employers do to reignite passion in their employees?

RolePoint, a complete social recruiting suite, has compiled an Infographic that explains how offering talent mobility can help retain talent and attract great hires. Talent mobility happens when you truly care for your employees, by nurturing talent and providing them opportunities for growth.

It is imperative for organisations to provide talented workforce with right grooming and training to develop their skills on job and grow with the company to meet long-term business objectives.

Key highlights are:

  • Happy employees are 12% more productive
  • Employees are 10% more likely to stay if given access to professional development
  • Over 40% of organizations say they rarely or never provide career planning and development
  • Only 32% of managers want to improve talent management
  • 45% workers are dissatisfied with the career advancement opportunities provided by their current employer.
  • 65% employees believe a flexible and remote work schedule increases productivity
  • 66% say workplace relationships positively impact focus and productivity
  • On the flip side, 83% millennials who would like to stay with their company for more than 5 years say, they are professionally satisfied with the opportunities provided by the employer for career advancement.


How can employers improve on their talent mobility intiatives?


  • Keep employees satisfied by being transparent in your approaches towards work and being readily available at all times to respond to employee concerns and issues promptly.
  • Encourage independence, provide constructive feedback and regularly express appreciation for tasks well accomplished.
  • Employees will choose to stay with the company, when they are given the opportunity to engage, contribute, feel valued and become more involved with the company workings to transition professionally in their careers.
  • Increase employee engagement by implementing fun ideas such as new hire parties, proactively matching new hires with relevant job roles they desire, implementing programs that promote employee well-being and focus on social responsibility.
  • It is important to note that only “Leaders produce new leaders” So organizations should work towards promoting leadership development at work, by encouraging talent to professionally upgrade, learn and imbibe new skills to assume leadership positions in their careers. Also leaders should be valued. Those who impart training to the workforce and lead by example, should be adequately recognized at work.
  • Provide career coaching services and mentor programs to encourage employees to set their own personal goals, and offer opportunities for employees to continue their educational pursuits while on job, such as loan schemes and scholarship assistance.


In conclusion

With employees constantly looking for opportunities to advance professionally, and employers having the leverage to harness talent potential within organizations, it is time companies wake up to the change and embrace talent mobility in their workings. This would help retain great talent and attract new hires.

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