Bailing Candidates: How to Avoid Losing Top Talents

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Bailing Candidates: How to Avoid Losing Top Talents
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As a hiring manager, you may find some highly anticipated candidates during the recruitment process. Yet, things can get frustrating when these seemingly perfect candidates suddenly bail on the hiring process. You might not expect this to happen, especially when unemployment levels rise throughout the global health crisis, but it surely is something you need to anticipate. Here’s what you can do to not lose top talents. 

Optimize the hiring media

In the internet era, hiring managers can advertise their job vacancies for free on various job sites. Not to mention, most job seekers nowadays would rather pull out their gadgets and search for employment opportunities right from the touch of their fingers. That being said, it is essential for employers to utilize these job platforms to their fullest.

Make sure that you put in all necessary details the available position. This includes the company profile, formal requirements, job description and responsibility, as well as reasons why job seekers should apply. A complete and clear explanation would make job seekers trust you, and they will not bail out in the middle or even before the hiring process begins because they know from the beginning what will be expected from them. 

It is also important to keep the application process as short as possible. If you have asked for a resume, do not ask candidates to write their experiences in an obligatory column on a form. A long, arduous process raises the possibility of a candidate to cancel their application. You need to always keep it short and efficient.

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Respect candidates

Treat your candidate like you treat clients. Don’t leave candidates hanging for a long time, the same as you will always keep in touch with clients. You might be busy because there are a lot of resumes that need to be sorted out, but a simple automated mail such as “please wait while we review your application” is more than enough to let candidates know that you are not ghosting them.

It is also essential to optimize the application screening phase. A background check process that takes too long might make candidates turn their eyes on other job opportunities. You can work with a trusted and certified employment screening vendor to help you in the hiring process. They can save time and energy while keeping your company credible.

Letting candidates know if they are not the people you are looking for is also as important. While they might not be fit for your current openings, try not to cut the bridge because you never know if you would need thm in the future. This is where the talent network comes into play. They can build a talent pipeline that connects you to past candidates. Not only does it save you time from looking for new candidates, but you can also ensure their quality because you have reviewed their qualifications in the past.

Issues can arise even before the hiring process starts, so the best thing recruiters can do is to prepare and anticipate the worst. Working with a talent network and employment vendor can help relieve your workload, and composing simple but thorough job ads on the correct platform can reduce the chance of candidates dropping out. Most importantly, trust and respect your candidates, because they might be the person who will greatly contribute to your company’s growth in the future.

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