6 Best Employers in Singapore for 2019, According to Kincentric

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6 Best Employers in Singapore for 2019, According to Kincentric
6 Best Employers in Singapore for 2019, According to Kincentric

Kincentric, a Spencer Stuart company, has named 6 organisations as Best Employers in Singapore for 2019, as part of Kincentric’s global Best Employers program, which recognises leading employers that strive to continuously spark change, inspire their people and accelerate business success.

Best Employers, the leading employer benchmarking program, measures and recognises extraordinary employers that demonstrate workplace excellence. Formerly a part of Aon, the Best Employers program is now offered by Kincentric, a new business unit of Spencer Stuart, following the close of Spencer Stuart’s acquisition of this business from Aon on July 1, 2019.

Findings from this year’s study show that Best Employers in Singapore continue to invest in creating a highly engaged workforce, with an employee engagement score of 77 percent, compared to a market average of 61 percent. In today’s uncertain business environment, Best Employers are also better positioned to manage change, with 78 percent of employees in Best Employers believing that their organisation is highly agile, innovative, inclusive and responsive to changing needs (compared to 59 percent market average). Furthermore, 79 percent of these employees agree that their senior leadership has communicated a clear vision for the organisation (compared to 60 percent market average). Best Employers are also strongly committed in nurturing and developing their employees professionally, with 84 percent believing that their organisation is supportive of their learning and development (compared to 66 percent market average).

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The Kincentric Best Employers in Singapore for 2019 are:

  • DBS Bank
  • Far East Organization
  • Great Eastern Singapore
  • InterContinental Hotels Group (Singapore)
  • Marriott International (Singapore)
  • OCBC Bank

In addition, DBS Bank has also been recognised as a Regional Best Employer 2019 for Asia Pacific.

Stephen Hickey, Culture & Engagement APMEA Practice Leader at Kincentric, said, “Through Kincentric’s Best Employers program we are celebrating and recognising organisations who excel in their efforts to create a working environment where their people feel heard, are highly connected and inspired to do their best every day. Best Employers are creating the workplace of the future through their high employee engagement levels, strong organisational agility, engaging leadership and exceptional talent focus. We congratulate all of our Best Employers in Singapore who have achieved this recognition.”

Best Employers are awarded based on their ability to exceed others in four measurable ‘people factors’ that are crucial if organisations want to excel: employee engagement, organisational agility, engaging leadership and talent focus. Participating organisations work with Kincentric’s team of experts to understand the views and perceptions of their employee population. Using Kincentric’s state-of-the-art technology platforms, knowledge and consulting experience, employee opinions on these factors are analysed and compared to applicable benchmarks in Kincentric’s robust database to determine which organisations come out on top.

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