How Employee Recognition Boosts Workplace Morale

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Chances are, everybody would love to get noticed as a good worker. When completing a project successfully, for example, they want their hard work and efforts to be recognised and appreciated by their employer and coworkers. A study found that even the simplest form of employee recognition such as complimenting employee’s achievement directly affects employee morale and engagement in the workplace.

Recognising your employees’ hard work and achievement will motivate them to try harder, increase productivity, as well as improve employee retention rates. An effective recognition program typically reflects the organisation’s values that develop a “culture of recognition”. It means the organisation give an appreciation to the one who deliver an astonishing performance at work. It is like a give-and-take concept. When your employees work hard and deliver their best performance to meet the company’s goals, they contribute in generating business profit and supporting the organisation’s growth. Then, giving them some rewards can be a great way to say thank you for their hard work.

How does this recognition program actually impact your employee morale? Here’s how:

Who’s the next “Employee of the month”?

Naturally, every human being has their own competitive side. This can be driven more with employee awards program. By announcing which employee has won the award each month, this will help motivate other employees to improve their performances so they can be the winner next time. The award could be given after going through several assessments, such as based on the best sales or best services. The award can be published on the company’s wall of fame, official website, staff newsletter, or on the company’s social media account.

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Boost employee engagement

Recognition program will make employees feel that they share the same vision with the company. Many employees want to feel that they are part of something important and contribute on something that help make their company successful. Through employee recognition, you can foster a sense of belonging at work and make your employees feel valuable. This, in turn, will make them more loyal to the company because they feel engaged with the job and organisation.

Make it fun

Employee recognition program is not supposed to be a burden for your team members. Instead of putting pressures on your employees to toil relentlessly, you should promote the idea that working hard is enjoyable. Make the recognition program fun by creating an event that can create more excitement for the employee to join. For example, you can organise an employee appreciation day where the company provides food, entertainment, employee award, and fun team-building-activities.

Treat employees with respect

When you give one of your employees an award for his achievement, you should make sure that those who lose will not feel down or defeated. It is wise to give them some words of appreciation and motivation so they will feel respected instead feeling underestimated. After all, they still give their meaningful contribution for your company.

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