How Wearable Technology Reshapes Workplace Wellness Program

July 30, 20184:54 pm
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As a leader, you understand that employees are the most valuable assets for the company. Happy and healthy employees are the key to business efficiency and productivity. No wonder, employees’ health and wellbeing is among the most important things you have to be concerned with. A healthy workforce takes less time off with illness-related reasons and works more efficiently. This, in turn, will affect directly to your company’s bottom line and profitability.

Wellness program is needed as an effort to ensure your employees’ wellbeing and healthcare. Workplace wellness programs have two main goals: to improve employees’ health and lower the healthcare costs. According to a study, robust wellness programs generally reduce healthcare cost and can provide an ROI of $4 to $5 per dollar spent, which means that companies can save more money and allow the HR department to allocate the funds to other areas.

In today’s state of world of work, the advancement of technology lets companies create an optimum wellness program by using wearable technology. More and more companies are utilising wearable technologies to collect substantial data that show valuable information about employees’ performance through physical activity programs and health screenings. Then, companies can have an ability to make strategic planning for their wellness program by using the data from wearable technology. But how do these wearable technologies work in optimising wellness program in the workplace?

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It engages workers to participate

It is quite a challenge to get your employees participate in a wellness program. This could be due to either lack information, inconvenience, or other privacy concerns that make less employees are participating in wellness program in their workplace. Therefore, to engage workers and obtain measurable outcomes from wellness program, employers should find out new and innovative methods to help their team make healthy lifestyle changes. This is where the rise of wearable devices play roles.

There are now small electronic devices that can be attached to your body and help measure the body temperature, physical movement, blood pressure, blood oxygen, and electrical activity of the heart muscles, skin, and brain. This definitely makes it more efficient for employees to collect their health data to the company without spending more time to go to some medical check-up manually.

It builds up productivity and morale

When you collect the right information regarding your employees’ health status from wearable devices, you can create the right wellness programs to help them stay fit. For example, you can provide an exercise at work program where employees can join a yoga session at the office after working hours. Exercising can release endorphins that boost happiness and fight stress. It will increase productivity in the workplace when your employees are working happily.

Moreover, with wearable techs that engage your employee to some wellness program, you can build your employee morale. By using an activity tracking, you will know if an employee attends a social event or not so you can foster healthy competition and a sense of community in the workplace.

Nowadays, as you live in an era where modern technology is the norm, you should make your companies more future-able. One of the ways is by using technologies to help your companies gain more effective workplace that can bring in more profits.

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