Workplaces need ‘policy steer’ to reduce carbon emissions, expert says

February 27, 201411:06 am338 views
Workplaces need ‘policy steer’ to reduce carbon emissions, expert says
Workplaces need 'policy steer' to reduce carbon emissions, expert says

The Federal Government should do more to steer public policy to reduce carbon emissions in the workplace, an expert says.

Professor Ray Markey of Macquarie University carried out a study which showed 40 per cent of businesses are changing workplace practices to reduce carbon emissions.

Of the 700 Australian businesses surveyed, less than 7 per cent of workplaces had clauses in their enterprise agreements relating to climate change.

“There’s a lot the Government could do in just tweaking the industrial relations system to encourage this,” he said.

“I don’t think there’s been a clear public policy steer in this direction as there has been in the European Union.”

Professor Markey says Australian workplaces should look to positive carbon-reduction programs in countries such as Germany and the UK.

“The most important trigger for the changes that have occurred has been cost reduction,” he said.

“There are some best-practice stories… where changing work practices really has… reduced costs in a major way.”



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