Upskilling and Reskilling Scheme for 2,000 Malaysian Airline Staff

October 16, 20203:54 pm1402 views
Upskilling and Reskilling Scheme for 2,000 Malaysian Airline Staff
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Employees working in the aviation industry who were affected by furlough can get help with the new upskilling and reskilling programme offered by Malaysia Aviation Group (MAG). Called as the MH EDGILE programme, the initiative will facilitate more than 2,000 employees, mainly pilot, cabin crew and other front-line community employees. The programme is to enable employees to create an individual competitive edge and be agile to drive operational sustainability.

“MH EDGILE provides opportunities for the employees to be upskilled and reskilled for other job competencies either in specialised competency such as facilities management and audit or general and trainable areas such as sales and IT helpdesk,” MAG said as reported by The Star Online.

After joining the programme, employees are expected to be able to lend their expertise and services to support the long-term business sustainability of the company, while exploring new avenues to grow and develop their potential in the group. MAG added that subject to approval, these group of employees will be temporarily re-assigned to support other departments that require workforce for critical roles or job functions resulting from the constrained workforce due to added deliverables and attrition.

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All assignments will be on a full-time basis; however, employees will still be allowed to maintain their job license validity. The period of the interim assignment will be dependent on the company’s business and operational requirements. Employees with the approved application will be equipped with the knowledge and new skill sets through coaching and training to prepare for the new role.

Malaysia Airlines Bhd’s group chief human capital officer, Datuk Mohd Khalis Abdul Rahim said the programme was a journey to transform MAG employees into future workforce adaptable to new challenges in the post-Covid-19 world.

“At MAG, we strongly believe in developing talents and creating a culture of continuous improvement to drive the long-term business sustainability of the group. We are embracing the Lean and Agile work culture and digitalisation simultaneously to take full advantage of the opportunities the new norm has to offer. Therefore, improving work qualities and amplifying learning are central to success.”

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