Unemployment rate decreases in Jakarta

November 14, 201610:34 am370 views

The Central Bureau of Statistic (BPS) said Jakartas unemployment rate was 6.12 percent in August, 2016 or 1.11 percentage points lower than 7.23 percent a year earlier.

“In absolute term, the number of job seekers dropped 51,180 from 368,190 in August 2015 to 317,010 in the same month this year,” BPS Chief Sri Santo Budi said in a news release here on Wednesday.

In August 2016, the number of labor force in the capital city was 5.18 million or an increase of 86,620 in a year from 5.09 million in August, 2015.

Working people in Jakarta totaled 4.86 million in August, 2016, or an increase of 137,800 from 4.72 million a year before.

Most or 85.18 percent of the jobs are in the service sector totaling 4.14 million . The second largest was in the manufacturing sector totaling 666,940 jobs or 13.72 percent followed by the agricultural sector totaling 53,650 jobs or 1.1 percent.

Salaried people made up most or 64.51 percent or 3.14 million of the total workers , followed by entrepreneurs making up 17,21 percent or 836,650.

“The smallest in number is freelancers totaling only 103,020 or 2.12 percent,” Sri said. (*)


news source: antaranews.com


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