Umno AGM: Raise minimum wage, says Puteri speaker

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Umno AGM: Raise minimum wage, says Puteri speaker
Umno AGM Raise minimum wage, says Puteri speaker

KUALA LUMPUR: The minimum wage needs to be raised to cater to high living costs and in light of the abolishment of petrol subsidies, said Puteri Umno delegate Nor Hazreena Hashim.

Nor Hazreena, who is from the Batu division, said that the current minimum wage is hardly enough for a person to get by at the debate on economy at Umno’s General Assembly at the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) on Friday.

“The high cost of living and the abolishment of petrol subsidies will continue to bring hardship to the public. Cost of living issue is also not taken into account when considering salary raises in certain sectors and the setting of minimum wage,” she said.

She said that 60% of a fresh graduate’s pay will go to expenses and servicing of loans.

“Puteri Umno proposes that the government reconsider the suitability of the current minimum wage, which is set at RM900,” she said.

“RM900 as minimum wage is actually not enough. Especially if the people live in cities. There are many things that needs to be paid for. So the minimum age should be raised, at least by a bit,” she argued.


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