Survey: Teaching most popular career choice for children

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Teaching as a career has overtaken the long-popular favourite choice of being a doctor for Thai children in the eighth annual survey by recruitment firm Adecco Group Thailand.

The survey, released ahead of Children’s Day this coming Saturday, found that becoming a teacher was the most popular choice for the 900 children aged 7-14 years questioned at schools in Bangkok and other provinces from Oct 3-31 last year. The questionnaires were handed out and collated with the help of teachers.

Respondent students said they wanted to help educate children and teach them to be good people.

The profession of doctor, which topped the previous seven surveys, came in second by a narrow margin, followed by being a soldier, an athlete and a police officer, in that order, said Tidarat Kanchanawat, regional director for Thailand and Vietnam.

Being a professional athlete was still a popular choice. Children liked to play sports, which kept them healthy and they could earn an above average income as a professional, she said.

Other children wanted to be farmers, inspired by the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej and his concepts. Many also wanted to serve as a soldier for the King.

Among the new career choices popular with  respondents was being a professional animator, because they loved watching cartoons.

For those who liked playing computer games, being a professional video game caster or commentator was popular, playing and testing games and putting them in video format to stream via online channels like YouTube.

When asked what was the coolest job they could imagine, being a soldier came out on top, followed by police officer, doctor, footballer and teacher.

Asked about their salary expectations, most said 15,000-30,000 baht a month.

Asked what the first ‘three things they would do’ if they were prime minister, most of their answers were  the same as last year — develop the country, help people in general and those in need, and reform the education system, Ms Tidarat said.

Their own parents remained their idols – as they raised and taught them to be a good person. The late  King Bhumibol was their next choice as an idol, because he spent his life working for the good of his people.

Cristiano Ronaldo, a Portuguese professional footballer who plays for the Spanish club Real Madrid and   Portugal’s national team, was in third place.

Thailand was the country they most favoured to live in, followed by Japan, then the US, England and France.

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