STJobs partners training institutions to help working professionals develop new skills

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Singapore – Singapore Press Holdings’ online job portal STJobs has been steadily expanding the list of courses offered on STJobs Learning, a platform for workshops and courses for working professionals.

Following the government’s concerted efforts to promote training and development, STJobs recently tied up with a number of course providers to provide skills based workshops and courses under one roof. This is aligned with STJobs’ vision to be a one-stop career portal, where both employers and employees can tap on the portal to fulfil their needs for their organisations and career goals.

With lifelong learning being an important aspect in career fulfillment, the portal provides an opportunity for people to develop their fullest potential throughout life. One can improve his employability by picking up a new skill or upskill and acquire industry-relevant skills via

From soft skills like communications to technical knowledge like Autocad, STJobs is working with various partners including NTUC LearningHub and Marketing Institute of Singapore to enhance learning for working individuals.

Mr Kwek Kok Kwong, Chief Executive Officer of NTUC LearningHub said: “NTUC LearningHub is happy to partner STJobs to reach out and convey training solutions to a wider pool of individuals and organisations through the platforms provided by STJobs. In this time of uncertainty, more individuals recognise the need to upskill and reskill themselves to prepare for their next lap. In addition, SkillsFuture credit and subsidy schemes have made training more affordable to people in the workforce.”

STJobs is also working with Udemy, an online training provider, to make courses readily available on the web and help people achieve their professional goals. Today’s workplace demands ever-changing skillsets, and for most working adults, alternative education options such as online learning portals have become increasingly popular.

Mr Richard Qiu, Vice President of Business Development at Udemy said, “Students have access to the most sought after and relevant online courses on Udemy to advance their careers, master new skills or fill gaps in skill sets. The online learning experience is tailored to best fit the needs of each student. Students can learn at their own pace on demand by using a computer or mobile device.”

“We hope that through STJobs Learning, everybody can gain the skills they need for the new economy. Learning is important and applicable to people of all ages and sectors. Apart from education providers with a physical campus, working with new marketplace models such as Udemy allow experts to share their knowledge with students at anywhere and at anytime,” said Ms Ang Yinghui, Senior Product Manager at STJobs.

The rise of intelligent solutions to bettering lives and society will call for innovation in all areas, including learning. While online learning can significantly increase efficiency and accessibility of learning, traditional learning methods should not be neglected. Workshops and bootcamps bring in the personal touch so that students can get the opportunity to network and interact with trainers and ask questions. Both learning models will complement each other and bring the adult learner to the next level in their career.

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