Singapore to Help Malaysian Workers Affected by Covid-19: MOM

April 1, 20204:37 pm1631 views
Singapore to Help Malaysian Workers Affected by Covid-19: MOM
Singapore to Help Malaysians Affected by Layoffs Due to Covid-19

The Singapore government is assisting retrenched workers including Malaysians whose employers’ businesses have been badly hit by the COVID-19 situation, according to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

Minister Josephine Teo said the ministry is able to help link the affected workers up with prospective employers who are looking to fill vacancies and have shortages, Bernama reports.

Speaking at a press conference by the Multi-Ministry Taskforce on COVID-19, Teo said arrangements have been made should these workers prefer to stay on in Singapore and are looking for a change of employer.

Updating on workers affected by Malaysia’s extended Movement Control Order (MCO), Teo said some have decided to leave Singapore.

The ministry had said previously that the MCO has impacted not only Malaysian work pass holders but also Singapore’s own citizens as well as permanent residents who commute daily from Malaysia.

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“By now some of these workers miss home or they have other reasons to have to rejoin their family back in Malaysia,” said the minister.

Teo noted that some of them intend to come back to Singapore to work in the future.

“For these types of workers we have worked out with the employers to make available unpaid leave. This arrangement has been ongoing.

“If there is still a requirement for the Stay Home Notice (SHN), then they have to serve that too,” she said.

SHN requires a person to remain in their place of residence at all times during the 14-day period.

Malaysia had on March 25 extended the MCO period to April 14 from the initial March 31 to curb the spread of COVID-19.

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