Productivity council gets 12 new faces

May 6, 20149:41 am251 views
Productivity council gets 12 new faces
Productivity council gets 12 new faces

The National Productivity and Continuing Education Council will have 12 new faces as it moves to broaden the platforms for productivity growth and worker engagement.

Together with 16 others who have just completed a two-year term, the 28-member team reflects the council’s focus in the years ahead as it steers the push for higher productivity into its next phase.

“We must develop the broader ecosystem to support actions by individual firms to transform whole industries,” Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam, who is the council’s chairman, said in a statement yesterday. “Critically, we also need to enhance the workplace culture by strengthening management quality and engaging employees better.”

The council’s members are made up of representatives from the labour movement, the private sector and government. The new members, who will also serve a two-year term along with those who have been re-appointed, bring to the table expertise in the new areas of focus identified by the council.



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