Nurses and caregivers encouraged to work in Japan

October 1, 201510:01 am1298 views

The Department of Overseas Labour, under the Ministry of Labour Invalids and Social Affairs, is recruiting more nurses and caregivers to work in Japan.

Under the Viet Nam–Japan economic partnership agreement, every year, Vietnamese nurses and caretakers will be recruited to work in Japanese hospitals, where they will receive training over the course of three years.

Training in the Japanese language will be provided free of charge to those selected. During the training period, they will also be given free accommodation and cash stipends. If they pass Japan’s national exams, they will be allowed to stay and work in Japan for as long as they wish.

The income for those who will stay and work in Japan as official staff could be as much as VND60 million (US$2,600) per month for each person.

In 2014, there were 180 Vietnamese nurses and caregivers selected to work in Japan. A representative from the Department of Overseas Labour said this year, the number might increase.

Currently, foreign nurses and caregivers are only allowed to work in Japan under bilateral Economic Partnership Agreements. At present, these have only been signed with Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines.

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