NTUC’s unusual labour movement encourages members to ‘Be More’

April 26, 201610:22 am672 views

Ahead of Labour Day, NTUC has launched a rebranding campaign for NTUC membership & networks with the theme “Be More”.

NTUC has launched press ads beginning today for the new outreach programme, which will be followed-up with digital and social communications, the Union Branch Engagement Programme, U Advocate programme, and other initiatives.

The campaign, created in-house, aims to change a “Just be/ accept-what-fate-dictates or things have-always-been-like-this” mindset to one where a person can take control and ‘Be More’ of what’s possible.

“This will be the starting point of a journey that will reframe the things that we will be doing for the working people/PMEs in Singapore,” Vivek Kumar, director of NTUC Membership, U Associate, U Creative, and U Future Leaders  said.

Explaining the unusual labour movement,  National Trades Union  Congress (NTUC) Secretary-General Chan Chun Sing says in most parts of the world, unions are seen as an anachronism of the past. Unionisation rates amongst workers in these countries have progressively declined as workers simply cannot find any reason to join them.

“This has resulted in many unions across the world, locked in an internecine fight over a shrinking pie with either their respective governments or companies, if not both. We, on the other hand, have been fortunate that our unionisation rate has continued to grow,” he said, adding that this has been possible because of Singapore’s unique model of tripartism – where unions work together with the government and employers towards better outcomes for our workers.

Check out the campaign here:

NTUC’s efforts centre on helping members with their career progression. U Future Leaders Ecosystem helps them hear from CEOs & industry leaders on future jobs – including leaders from DBS, SingTel, Google, LinkedIn and so on; two U PME centers at One Marina Boulevard & Devan Nair Institute counsels & assists PMEs.

U Associate Ecosystem with over 30 professional guilds across engineering, cyber security, human resources, marketing and so on, develops sectorial progression programmes together with NTUC e2i to prepare members with future-ready skills;  U SME Ecosystem supports working people in SMEs through the bosses; U Creative Ecosystem supports Creative & media Freelancers together with the NTUC InfoComm Media Cluster and U Circle CEOs & CHROs from Fortune 500 MNCs support its programs, and so on.


news source: marketing-interactive.com

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