New Task Force to Help Singaporeans Get Jobs in 10 Sectors

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New Task Force to Help Singaporeans Get Jobs in 10 Sectors
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As the nation prepares to live normally with Covid-19 and restructures its economy, Singapore’ Ministry of Manpower forms a new Jobs Taskforce to help locals find jobs in 10 key potential sectors.

The 10 sectors are infocommunications technology and media, financial services, professional services such as accountancy, manufacturing, healthcare, wholesale trade, built environment, logistics, food services and retail. The task force aims to help people better understand the jobs available in these sectors and the kind of skills they will need to take on the roles available, The Straits Times reports.

Announcing the task force, Manpower Minister Tan See Leng said it will focus on three areas: supporting local workers who want to pivot into these key sectors, helping existing workers reskill as their job scopes change and promoting progressive human capital practices.

Mr Tan noted that as companies transform and new business models emerge, work processes and skills will need to be updated, and jobs will also change as a result. Therefore, the workforce will need to transform in tandem with the industry, he added.

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As Singapore pushes ahead with its economic transformation plans and job roles change, some workers might find it hard to keep up with the jobs available, while others do not have the requisite skills for the new jobs being created. Mr Tan said the task force will find out where these “missed matches” and “mismatches” are.

“I strongly believe that by rethinking how we serve our citizens and businesses, we can achieve so much more.”

To this end, the task force will coordinate with various agencies involved in growing the local talent pool for the sectors, and ensure a strong Singaporean core.

It brings together the manpower, trade and industry, communications and information, health and education ministries – which are involved in industry transformation and workforce development – as well as the Monetary Authority of Singapore. It will also work alongside its tripartite partners, such as the unions and employers.

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