New Job Portal to Help Singaporeans Find Employment and Training Opportunities

November 2, 20204:45 pm1965 views
New Job Portal to Help Singaporeans Find Employment and Training Opportunities
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Singapore government recently launched a new job portal that will connect jobseekers to both employment and training opportunities, especially in the country’s growing sectors. The job portal will cater both fresh graduates entering the job market for the first time and mid-career workers, who may or may not have prior experience in a particular sector.

According to Senior Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam, the platform – ( will provide tailored information to different types of jobseekers, and it is meant to make the job hunting process as convenient as possible. Mr Tharman noted that jobs will be the central challenge of the future everywhere in the world, with a real prospect of prolonged high unemployment in many countries, The Straits Times reports.

“Incomes of those in the broad middle class have stagnated in a whole range of advanced economies – with a few like Sweden and Singapore being the exceptions,” he said. “And jobs have been created mainly at the high and low skilled ends of the labour market – like a barbell structure – with fewer jobs in the middle.”

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While the goal is to avoid poor-fitting job matches as much as possible, no job match will be perfect, he noted. Therefore, employers must take responsibility and be willing to give opportunities to jobseekers without the required background or qualifications.

On their part, jobseekers must be willing to step into new territory and develop further on the job, he said, adding that many have done so and found satisfaction in their new careers.

Mr Tharman highlighted bright spots in many parts of the economy, including finance, healthcare, the infocomm technology sector, manufacturing, logistics, pockets of the retail sector and the emerging green economy.

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