More job seekers get help to beef up resumes

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More job seekers get help to beef up resumes
More job seekers get help to beef up resumes

SINGAPORE: More job seekers are looking at professional help to stand out from other applicants.

Resume writers and those who conduct workshops on jobs market trends said they have seen client numbers grow in recent years.

“People down play, rather than oversell their skills and abilities, mainly because they’ve been doing the job for so long, it becomes second nature to them and they themselves for granted,” explained Ms Nadine Yong, founder of The Resume Builder. “Sometimes it takes somebody to step in to take a very objective view of what they bring to the table, pick and probe, and bring out these nuggets to capture their professional essence.”

In the past five years, Ms Yong has seen her client numbers double. Most of them are mid-level professionals in the IT, finance and engineering sectors. They also include a small number of fresh graduates.

Industry players said that the trend of paying professionals for help started 10 years ago.

“We thought only certain demographics would subscribe to a service like that,” said Mr Francis Chng, co-founder and principal trainer at The Candidate School. “That is no longer true because with the changing world and how individuals are facing roadblocks in their job hunts, they’re starting to realise they need help and some of this help are not easily or readily available.”

Such help even includes helping a client expand his professional networks online. Some of the professionals whom Channel NewsAsia spoke with said they are willing to pay for such a service.

“A position you post today is visible across the entire globe. By tomorrow morning, you’re going to have 500 applications,” said Mr Ben Teh, founder and principal trainer at The Candidate School. “In today’s market, it’s very challenging. That’s where we come in. We help them understand themselves and the market. We also help them to navigate the challenges.”

Those in the hiring sector said good credentials naturally give a candidate an edge over others. But there is still a probation or review period which allows companies to further assess the worker’s capabilities – to determine if he or she is truly suited for the job.


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