More disabled people finding jobs within past two years: SPD

January 4, 201611:47 am751 views

The number of disabled people who found jobs almost tripled within the past two years, says SPD.

The organisation, which helps integrate those with disabilities into society, also said more people have approached it for help with employment.

In 2015, 305 disabled people sought the SPD’s help to find jobs, almost double the figure in 2013. But the success rate also increased, with 127 landing jobs in 2015, compared to 37 in 2013.

SPD said although more companies are willing to hire people with disabilities, there are still challenges when it comes to job-matching.

It said small and medium enterprises make up the majority of the companies which offered employment to these people.

Some social enterprises said government funding offered under the Open Door Programme allowed them to buy machines tailor-made for people with disabilities and to redesign job processes.

“We actually come up with a one-hand operating machine for people with stroke, or motorbike accident (victims),” said Project Dignity founder Koh Seng Choon.

“It’s a noodle cooking machine, so this machine, you press the button, it stirs for you. We also designed a percolator. We actually modified a percolator so … the coffee and tea is prepared for them.”


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