Mekong Delta plans to create thousands of jobs

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Mekong Delta plans to create thousands of jobs
Mekong Delta plans to create thousands of jobs

CAN THO (VNS) — Mekong Delta authorities will start creating jobs for 371,000 workers this year, including 110,000 from rural areas and ethnic minority groups.

The Steering Committee for Southwestern Region said that to achieve the target, regional provinces would focus on building educational infrastructures and facilities to raise the number of vocational schools throughout the region.

By the end of 2014, it expects that the region will have 21 vocational colleges and schools and 119 district-level training centres.

Regional vocational schools will offer training in new fields such as agricultural food processing, seafood farming, rural water supply and drainage, plant protection and motorbike maintenance. The Steering Committee for the Southwestern Region said highly skilled engineers and artisans would be mobilised for training, while connections between businesses and trade villages would be enhanced.

Boosting job placement and consultation services to expand the labour-export market, restoring trade villages and developing agricultural services in rural areas to create more jobs for rural workers will be among the main measures taken.



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