Malaysia Should Share its Experience in Human Capital Development: Dr Mak Chai Believes

October 14, 20161:32 pm498 views

Malaysia should share its expertise and experience in human capital development with the rest, says Asia e-University Professor Dr Mak Chai on the sidelines of the Asian Cooperation Dialogue (ACD).

He firmly believes Malaysia’s contribution would have far reaching effects to upskill the workforce, and train people with skills and knowledge for sustainable development and long-term growth.

Thus, assuming more responsibility the country can promote innovation, inclusiveness and sustainability. According to studies, a substantial percentage of the workforces in most developing nations are without paper qualifications, and this move would help workers improve themselves and upgrade their skills to meet industry demands.

Considering Malaysia’s significant contribution to the ACD, Professor Mak thinks Asia e-University was “living proof” of the dialogues earliest success. President of Global Entrepreneur­ship Thailand Steve Cheah said Malaysia would be a good place for companies to launch halal businesses.

“Malaysian companies should use ACD to create business opportunities and form partnerships to meet consumer demand for halal products,” The Star Malaysia reports.

“What makes the Asia e-University attractive is that we make learning flexible and affordable. We design it in such a way since most of the students are adults who want to improve their knowledge,” he said.

For the business community, especially up and coming businesses and small and medium enterprises, the ACD serves as a platform for them to network and be on the lookout for prospective ventures.


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