Lower-wage civil servants to get pay hike next month

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Lower-wage civil servants to get pay hike next month
Lower-wage civil servants to get pay hike next month

SINGAPORE — About 2,200 lower-wage civil servants will see a monthly salary increase of between S$60 and S$80 next month, as part of a regular review to keep the salaries competitive, said Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean yesterday.

Their salary scales will also be lengthened from next month, so that officers who have reached the previous maximum of their scales can receive further increments as they upgrade their skills, Mr Teo said during the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) Committee of Supply debate.

From 2012 to 2014, lower-wage officers received built-in wage increases of S$60 to S$70 per year. Taken together with the civil service’s regular salary adjustments, their total wage increases amount to between S$300 and S$330, or a 25 per cent increase in their monthly salaries.

The 25 per cent increase was over and above their annual increments, said Mr Teo, who is also the Minister-in-charge of the Civil Service.

The salary scale for such operation support officers, whose roles include simple administrative and office work and maintaining schools’ general cleanliness, range from S$1,114 to S$1,313. The salary increases will depend on factors such as their salaries and work performances.

“The Public Service will continue to work closely with the unions and make salary adjustments where necessary, while providing our lower-wage officers with relevant opportunities to upgrade their skills,” Mr Teo said.

Last August, civil service officers on the non-graduate schemes received a pay hike of about 5 per cent, shortly after the monthly salaries of lower-wage civil servants were raised in response to recommendations made by the National Wages Council.


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