Longer hours but little productivity gain: survey

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Longer hours but little productivity gain: survey
Longer hours but little productivity gain: survey

MOST professionals in Singapore work longer than their contractual hours, with the majority feeling obligated to stay even though productivity doesn’t go up and their work-life balance is negatively affected, says a study.

According to Morgan McKinley’s Working Hours Survey 2014, some 82 per cent of Singapore respondents reported that they work longer than their stipulated hours. While workers here are slightly better off compared to Japan and Hong Kong which both registered at 84 per cent, it is significantly higher than China at 65 per cent.

The survey revealed that 65 per cent of Singapore’s professionals say they feel obligated to work longer hours, but only 27 per cent believe they are more productive during the extra hours worked compared to their Asia-Pacific counterparts in Australia (55 per cent), China (39 per cent), Hong Kong (37 per cent) and Japan (36 per cent).

The majority of Singapore respondents (85 per cent) also say that their excessive hours are having an impact on their work-life balance.


news source & image credit: businesstimes.com.sg

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