Lim Swee Say praises ordinary workers’ hard work

May 2, 201410:29 am455 views
Lim Swee Say praises ordinary workers’ hard work
Lim Swee Say praises ordinary workers' hard work

Ordinary workers deserve the respect of Singaporeans and should be appreciated for their contributions.

Labour chief Lim Swee Say said in his May Day speech on Thursday that he would like to pay tribute to the many workers who “work round the clock, serving the people of Singapore while doing their best to provide for their families and loved ones”.

He was speaking to some 1,100 union leaders and guests at the May Day Rally held at the Devan Nair Institute for Employment and Employability at Jurong East.

Mr Lim urged Singaporeans to show respect to those serving them. “Let’s treat each other as equals with courtesy, respect and appreciation,” he said.



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