Keidanren to again call on companies to raise wages, shorten working hours

January 10, 20171:54 pm1112 views

The Keidanren business lobby plans to urge its member companies to raise incomes on an annual basis in this year’s shunto (spring wage talks) between labor and management.

This will be the fourth consecutive year that the nation’s biggest business lobby has made such a request.

According to a final draft of its shunto policy, Keidanren will ask member firms to raise annual employee income by increasing bonuses, benefits and pay scale.

They will be asked to consider pay hikes in light of an expected inflation rate, the draft says, with an emphasis on pay-scale increases for employees with small children.

While proposing a review of spousal allowances, Keidanren will encourage member firms to establish benefits aimed at preventing employees from quitting to take care of family members.

Keidanren will also emphasize what it sees as a need to correct long working hours in light of the high-profile overwork-related suicide of a young female worker at the Dentsu advertising agency in 2015.

The lobby is expected to release the shunto policy Jan. 17.


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