JobStreet Innovates to find the Best Candidate Match for Skilled Job Roles

January 12, 20172:18 pm1752 views

With JobStreet’s continuous investment in improving its matching accuracy, SiVA Recruitment Centre has been recently revamped and upgraded to a new platform – integrating talent applications from Job Ads and additional profile sources from Talent Search.

With the upgraded system, the new SiVA Recruitment Centre will assist hirers to fast track talent sourcing and screening process. As modern busy hirers are pressured to do more with less, SiVA Recruitment Centre sports a simplified user interface, where hirers can save time by navigating intuitively and posting in just one page, with inline editing and previews.

“As Asia’s best talent sourcing partner, our continuous technology improvements aim to enhance our customers’ experience, leading to closer job matches. The new SiVA Recruitment Centre is developed to be a one-stop online recruitment solution that is easy to use, matching employers to their ideal candidates faster, anytime, anywhere,” says Ms Chook Yuh Yng, Country Manager of Singapore.

HR and hiring managers can collaborate to screen candidates’ applications to achieve a joint hiring decision faster. Multiple candidate cards that are displayed on the search landing page will also ease the decision making process.

The candidates are ranked based on relevancy, screened by new search filters that find most suitable candidates by location, industry, language, years of experience. Pertinent candidate information is displayed at a glance, for easier review and shortlisting for interviews.

Meanwhile, Talent Search, an enhancement of the previous Resume Search, is an additional feature in the new SiVA Recruitment Centre, which allows hirers to source top calibre talents beyond the available job applicants.

Talent Search activates a refined search feature where hirers can easily find more relevant candidates by keying in search words or criteria. Once hirers have searched and upon profile retrieval, hirers can invite the candidates for interviews immediately. Screening time is shortened as hirers do not need to wait for applications to start their screening process.

During recruitment campaigns, hirers can maximise the effect of Talent Search by leveraging Target Advertising; choosing preferred candidate demographic and communicating via EDM and/or SMS.

“The new SiVA breaks down barriers to hirer-candidate connection as it allow hirers to instantly manage all communications to different candidates in one place. Hirers are now able to update candidates regarding their application status on the go,” adds Ms Chook.

“Job hunting can be a laborious process, as candidates need to know if their application is successful, the sooner the better, in order to move onto newer opportunities. In this new economy, a faster response time from the hirer creates a more positive, engaging employer brand to candidates.”

The SiVA Recruitment Centre is a pioneer of online recruitment platform that has been reinventing itself for the last 20 years to facilitate a faster, more convenient and efficient recruitment process for hirers.

In Singapore, over 48,000 employers and over 1.5 million jobseekers meet on It is Singapore’s most trusted job market place where quality employers access the largest pool of qualified candidates.

With its dedicated and passionate customer service, industry workshops, customer trainings, unparalleled insights combined with continuous investment for innovation, enables customers to alleviate their Human Resources management and services.

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