Japanese industries to hire more new grads in spring 2015

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Japanese industries to hire more new grads in spring 2015
Japanese industries to hire more new grads in spring 2015

New graduates are on the road to finding the best career suited for them as more companies are opening their doors to those fresh out of college next year. A survey conducted by Nikkei Inc. showed that many Japanese manufacturers are looking to hire 13.4% more new graduates by 2015.

Electronics company Panasonic will open more jobs to new graduates next spring. From this year’s 350, they are increasing the manpower needed by 600, and will focus on auto and housing related jobs. On the other hand, Sharp will hire around 200 new graduates next year to be put up in different lines of business, including medical devices. Automotive maker Nissan Motors is looking at 330 new graduates to join their company next year for their bid to create more environmental-friendly cars, a 30% increase from this year.

A huge need is expected for the construction industry, with a 29.4% increase by next year. Many are looking at engineers as reconstruction for disaster-struck areas and preparations for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics are underway. For financial services firms, banks plan a 10.7% increase in newly graduated hires, as well as securities firms who are looking at a 15.8% hike. Daiwa Securities Group will hire 80 more new graduates next year than this year’s forecast with around 750 new graduate hires next spring. The company hopes to attract more customers to their new individual savings account program through new sales representatives. Even retail group Aeon will increase the hire of new graduates hire by 22.2% next year for its store expansion locally and overseas. The survey also showed many companies that are shifting hires to their growth needs. NEC, which aims to expand their big data services will retain the number of new graduate hires next year to 380 but will be actively sourcing math and science majors to help with this line of business.


source: japandailypress.com

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