Indonesian migrant workers paid best in Taiwan: report

April 18, 201610:25 am745 views

Compared with other countries, Indonesian migrant workers employed in Taiwan receive the highest salaries, an Indonesian labor official posted in Taiwan was quoted as saying in a report carried Friday by Indonesia’s Antara news agency.

Indonesian migrant workers in Taiwan receive about NT$17,000 (US$525.88) per month, said Devriel Sogia, head of the labor division at Indonesia’s economic and trade office in Taipei.

The salary for Indonesian migrant workers in Taiwan was about NT$15,840 in 1997, and was raised to NT$17,000 in 2015, he was quoted as saying in the report.

There are about 238,000 Indonesian migrant workers in Taiwan, and they are considered to be loyal, diligent and friendly by their Taiwanese employees, according to Devriel.

He also noted the need to enhance vocational skills for Indonesian migrant workers to help them get better prepared for working in foreign countries, to minimize the impact of culture shock.

Meanwhile, Nusron Wahid, head of Indonesia’s Bureau for the Placement and Protection of Foreign Workers, has lauded Taiwan’s treatment of Indonesian migrant workers.

Taiwan is trying to make life for these workers more comfortable, he said.

Indonesian migrant workers who remit their salaries back home are conducive to social and economic development in Indonesia, he said, adding that they also contribute to Taiwan’s economic productivity.

Indonesia is the largest source of migrant workers for Taiwan, followed by Vietnam, the Philippines and Thailand.

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