Huge Demand for Digital Marketing Professionals in Singapore

January 24, 20173:40 pm792 views

The rise and rise of digital marketing continues unabated this quarter driving up demand for talent to take on a range of roles in Singapore, according to recruitment experts Hays. The latest Hays Quarterly Report for Singapore reveals companies are on the hunt for digital marketing operations talent, digital marketing managers, data analysts and digital content specialists.

“The level of digital marketing recruitment this quarter is expected to be huge after what was already a big year in 2016,” explains Lynne Roeder, Managing Director for Hays in Singapore. “Digital marketing is one of Singapore’s most dynamic talent markets. There are so many trends to monitor and harness to help drive customer relationships, capture market share and ring up sales.”

“Native advertising may have been around for a while but it’s yet to hit its peak in terms of popularity and effectiveness. Mobile continues to be big and we are seeing video and apps play a bigger role in promoting products.”

New social media players or just new ways for companies to use social to engage with customers continues to be another key priority for many companies.

“Having the right talent on board can mean the difference between being ahead of the curve or missing the boat,” says Lynne.

Other sales and marketing roles in demand in Singapore this quarter include a range of roles across the corporate communications sector and media relations departments with business analysts continuing to be one of the most highly sought after candidates.

We also expect to see an increase in regional sales manager roles this quarter, as many more companies set up their regional headquarters in Singapore or make plans to move their regional HQ here.


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