Hiring Demand for IT Risk and Security Professionals in Hong Kong

August 29, 201610:44 am396 views

IT professionals with strong risk management and data security expertise will be in demand as businesses in Hong Kong expand towards digital platforms.

According to recruiting experts Hays in its latest Quarterly Report, IT security managers who are able to ensure the security of the system and flow of information within an organisation are highly sought-after.

“With the increased gathering of data and consumer information, securing the safety of such data is a challenge,” said Dean Stallard, Regional Director of Hays Hong Kong. “Access management, data leakage and penetration testing are just some potential issues that may lead to a breach in security”.

It is expected that competition of talent will further intensify, particularly for junior IT security professionals with the necessary experience and skills as demand rapidly outweighs supply.

“IT risk managers are also hotly contested by employers for their ability to advise the business from the first line of defence, preventing and mitigating any potential IT challenges when companies look to bring on new technology,” says Dean.

IT risk managers act as the bridge between technical and commercial priorities, ensuring IT strategies are aligned to business objectives and compliant with government regulations and reporting standards.

As the government places emphasis on start-ups and small internet businesses, skilled developers and programmers who are experienced in applications building will also see a surge in demand for their skills.

“Applications are often a preferred starting point for entrepreneurs venturing into the IT industry, and the government’s increasing support of start-ups is reflected in the increasing number of start-ups, and in turn, the demand for skilled IT developers and programmers to realise these ideas,” Dean commented.

In terms of candidate trends, while interest in venturing into the security space is high, job seekers often lack the technical skills required to progress in IT security. “Candidates are encouraged to build on their technical foundation, with certifications such as CISA or CISSP being key ammunition in any aspiring security professionals’ chamber,” Dean concludes.


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