Govt accepts advisory panel’s recommendations to raise WSH standards

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Govt accepts advisory panel’s recommendations to raise WSH standards
Govt accepts advisory panel's recommendations to raise WSH standards

SINGAPORE: The recommendations made by the International Advisory Panel (IAP) for Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) to raise Singapore’s WSH standards have been accepted by the government.

The IAP had made eight recommendations following its review of Singapore’s WSH performance.

The IAP had recommended instilling greater WSH ownership by developers and clients in the construction sector, strengthening the link between WSH performance and business outcomes, integrating WSH with employee well-being, and facilitating mindset change through Vision Zero Leaders, among others.

Speaking at an industry plenary session on Thursday, Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Education and Manpower, Hawazi Daipi, said: “The IAP’s recommendations will guide Singapore’s efforts toward building a systemic culture for a zero-accident philosophy and the integration of general health and workplace health through the Total WSH approach.”

Mr Hawazi added that the Manpower Ministry will work with key stakeholders to implement the recommendations.



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