Government can give more support to training agencies: Labour MP

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In order to make workers who go for training be more receptive to learning, the Government could do more to support training agencies in terms of developing curricula and enhancing training for instructors, said Labour MP Ang Hin Kee in a blogpost on Friday (Mar 18).

Mr Ang, who is also the Assistant Secretary-General of the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC), noted that there have been commentaries about workers needing to have the right mindset, that more Government funding is needed and for added assistance to be extended to companies to support training.

“Most of these commentaries are well-intended,” he wrote. “But much can also be said about the mindset towards workers attending training.”

He suggested that to get everyone on board and not brush aside workers who may come across as “choosy”, when they may just be afraid of the unknown, training agencies will need to structure the content to meet these workers’ needs and to effectively reach out to the long-term unemployed and retrenched workers.

According to the latest labour market report from the Manpower Ministry, the number of people laid off rose to 15,580 last year, and these workers are finding it tougher to re-enter the workforce.

Citing Central Provident Fund records, the report said 50 per cent of residents made redundant in the third quarter of 2015 secured employment by December that year, down from 55 per cent the previous quarter and 59 per cent from the year before.

To address this, Mr Ang suggested the Government offer more funding support for training agencies to develop new curricula, co-invest in rolling out innovative approaches and enhance training support for instructors and employability coaches.

“This will send a strong signal to training partners that we will complement their efforts and encourage more trainers,” he said.

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