Impact of Facebook’s Paid Paternity Leave Benefit on Asia

November 30, 20159:42 am751 views

Recently there was a news about Facebook extending their company benefits for parents, extending it to 4 months’ paid paternity leave. You can read the news here.

Additionally, Human Resources reached out to HR experts in Singapore to find out how this new policy will affect Facebook’s employer branding in Asia and Singapore as well as how this is expected to affect the paternity policies of companies in the region.

Ben Chew, business director, TBC HR Consulting said this new move will definitely help strengthen Facebook’s employer brand and deepen their base in talent attraction, especially with talents with high potential.

“The usage of such benefits is largely subjective. We have seen and heard employees utilising all of their leave benefits or even taking unpaid leave when they have exceeded their leave entitlements,” he said.

“I believe that when there is such perk given by employers, there will definitely be a good number of employee making use of such perks”

Chew added that unless there is a nation-wide adoption of such policies by the local government/ministry, it will not lead many other companies to adopt similar policies.

“Large corporations such as tech giants have all along been known to give out generous benefits and perks. I should think the impact is minimal to other companies in Singapore for them to change their policies just to follow suit after Facebook,” he stated

“We do see that other MNCs and large banks offering unique perks as well, but that does not lead other companies to adopt them. This is of course so unless there is a nation-wide adoption by the local government/ministry in the case of parental benefits.”

Above article is originally from Human Resources Online, taken from TBC HR Consulting’s site.

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