Employers in Singapore are looking at Flexible Finance Technology Talent Pool in Q1 2017

January 18, 20175:53 pm929 views

Key employers in Singapore are looking to tap into the flexible finance technology talent pool over the January to March quarter to ensure vital IT projects are delivered on time.

Headcount restrictions in many organisations, including a number of large foreign banks, could see temp and contract roles comprise as much as 50 per cent of the new finance technology jobs coming to market between January and March, according to the latest Hays Quarterly Report for Singapore.

“Finance technology candidates well versed in software and systems that underpin audit, risk and compliance functions will be highly sought after this quarter and beyond,” explains Lynne Roeder, Managing Director for Hays in Singapore.

“Cyber security and also achieving full compliance with Singapore’s developing regulatory environment is a key current priority for many banks and insurance companies,” says Lynne.

Flexible arrangements will be the preferred option for many of these employers to enable them to harness high-level skills for a set period of time. Bringing in finance technology talent on a contract basis means companies can also run a number of projects with different areas of focus concurrently where needed.

Based on discussions with employers, contractors will be brought in this quarter to fill project management roles linked to business change, regulatory change and compliance management.

“The good news for employers is that contract assignments are preferred by many of Singapore’s top finance technology talent for reasons of professional challenge and, in some cases, higher remuneration but organisations should be prepared to compete for the best candidates.”

“Talent with the right operational skills and proven experience in delivering IT projects on time and on budget will be in highest demand so candidates should prepare to detail their specific career achievements during the application process.”



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