Employees in S’pore seek more leave days over flexible working hours: Survey

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Employees in S’pore seek more leave days over flexible working hours: Survey
Employees in S’pore seek more leave days over flexible working hours: Survey

Workers in Singapore would like to have more annual leave days compared to having flexible working hours or professional development opportunities, a survey has found.

The research, conducted by specialist recruitment firm Robert Half Singapore, asked 500 employees here – aged between 18-50, with 96 per cent of them being full-time employees, and across a variety of job scopes including PMEBs – to pick just one thing they wished their employer would give them.

Thirty six per cent of respondents put more annual leave at the top of their wish list, followed by more flexible hours (32 per cent), professional development opportunities (20 per cent), the ability to work from home (9 per cent), and workplace perks such as childcare, laundry or fitness facilities (3 per cent).

Employers’ however, had a different perception of what they thought their staff want, the survey showed.

Robert Half Singapore also surveyed 150 senior management officers on what they thought their employees most wanted at their job.

Fifty four per cent of respondents thought what their employees wanted most was flexible working hours. Only 18 per cent thought their employees wanted more leave days, and only 12 per cent of employers thought professional development opportunities were the thing their employees most desired.

Ms Stella Tang, Managing Director of Robert Half Singapore felt that the employer’s wish list was more realistic.

“While everyone would like more days off, very few companies will increase the amount of annual leave above that which was agreed to when the employee started with the company. So while the desire among employees for more days off is strong, it is a wish that is unlikely to come true.”

“Employers believe their teams want more flexible work arrangements, and this is something that is within the power of the company to provide,” she said.

“Work-life balance is important and flexible work arrangements can go a long way to helping an employee manage their personal and professional responsibilities. But as all employees know, there is still no substitute for having a whole day to themselves to do what they want or need to do.”


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