Coffee is the Real MVP in the Workplace. What Do You Think?

October 18, 20169:31 am833 views

Coffee is the lifeblood of many organizations, with nearly 73.4% of all employees enjoying it regularly. Celebrating National Coffee Day last month on September 29th, Quantum Workplace thought this is the right time to give this powerhouse beverage the recognition it deserves.

Some businesses rely heavily on both the caffeinated and social perks of coffee. We’re all aware of which people in the office need at least one cup of coffee before being spoken to, those who need a cup of joe in their hand all day to function, and the guy who will argue to his death that his coffee place makes the only coffee worth sipping.

Based on original research, this employee engagement software company, Quantum Workplace came up with an interesting Infographic to understand coffee trends and the integral role it plays in the workplace.

Here are some interesting facts about office coffee drinking habits:

  • 73.4% of employees drink coffee, making it much more popular than other caffeinated drinks
  • 67.1% of employees only drink coffee in the morning
  • Only 15.4% of employees bring coffee into work for co-workers once a month
  • 81.8% of employees said their company offers free coffee in the kitchen/cafeteria
  • Not all coffee is created equal; 20.9% of coffee drinkers prefer Starbuck’s over other major brands such as Dunkin’ Donuts (12.9%), Keurig (5.3%) and Folger’s (5.3%).

How many cups of coffee do you drink per day? According to the study findings:

  • 5% drink less than 1 cup per day
  • 8% drink 1 cup per day
  • 7% drink 2 cups per day
  • 4% drink 3 cups per day
  • 6% drink 4 or more cups per day

Are you among the types who kick-start your mornings with a cup of coffee or rather, without it the day seems incomplete? Coffee is undoubted the Most Valuable Player (MVP) in the office, with most workers only feeling productive after their first cup in the morning, ready to tackle day’s challenges. Not all coffee is created equal and, true caffeine connoisseurs have their preferences.

While 48.1% like to take their coffee brewed with cream, sugar, milk or flavour, 22.8% prefer it black. Not everyone is a coffee jitterbug, however there are some groups at work who keep hanging around the office coffee pot. Here are some startling facts about coffee addiction you should know:

  • Coffee addiction gets worse with age. Just 70% employees under 25 drink coffee, however 87.9% employees over 66 do.
  • Men and women are neck-to-neck in coffee consumption. 34.1% women drink 2 or more cups of coffee per day, 36.1% men equally do.

Last but not the least; organizations should not underestimate the power of coffee perks. Only 15.4% of employees bring coffee into work for co-workers once a month, however 81.8% employees said their company offers free coffee in the kitchen/cafeteria.

Next time you pick up a cup of joe in your hands and smell the aroma, you know the real superhero at work that gets you kick-started for the rest of the day!

Author credit: Heather R. Huhman

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