Adjusting to new expectations a tough challenge

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Adjusting to new expectations a tough challenge
Adjusting to new expectations a tough challenge

PETALING JAYA: Headhunters are finding it a challenge to match the new generation of workers with employers.

Reditus Management managing director Sherri Chuah said job recruiters only had to deal with employer requirements in the past but with millennials, it was about matching two “very different sets of expectations”.

Millennials are upfront about what they want and won’t attend interviews if their expectations are not in line with the organisation’s policies,” she said.

“They have a list of what they want and make it known to prospective employers during interviews.

“Employers say it’s tough adjusting to new expectations.

“On the plus side, millennials are very productive and don’t sit on projects unlike their predecessors who take longer to complete a task,” Chua added.

Manpower Malaysia country manager Sam Haggag said employers’ main challenge today was to incorporate this group into a multi-generation workforce.

Millennials have fundamentally different values, which are a challenge for bosses to manage,” he said.

“Their predecessors see flexible hours and the use of social media at the workplace as benefits, but millennials expect these.

“They are perpetually connected to the Internet and are in touch with the latest happenings, which is good for employers,” he noted.

He advised employers to take advantage of the “millennial connectivity” to boost the organisation’s performance and reputation.



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