88% of Singaporeans hope to build a career abroad: Survey

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88% of Singaporeans hope to build a career abroad: Survey
88percent of Singaporeans hope to build a career abroad - Survey

SINGAPORE – A large majority of Singaporeans would like to build their careers overseas, a report has found.

Jobstreet’s latest survey of 771 people found that 88 per cent of Singaporeans hoped to go abroad for a couple of years to build their professional profile.

While 28 per cent of working Singaporean respondents said they were actively looking for overseas career opportunities, 60 per cent indicated plans to work abroad at some point of their careers.

Only 12 per cent said that they preferred to remain in Singapore.

Of those who wished to work abroad, 35 per cent said they thought that overseas experience could increase future employability. Better pay and living conditions were the second most common consideration for those who wished to work overseas.

Nonetheless, most respondents said they would return to Singapore after gaining international experience for a period of between three to five years.

Respondents who wanted a career abroad but did not pursue it cited family commitments as the main factor stopping them from leaving Singapore. Other considerations included better remuneration packages, job opportunities and political stability at home.

Of the work destinations to choose from, Australia emerged as the most preferred country, with 27 per cent identifying the country as the most ideal to work in.

source: business.asiaone.com

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