31.9% of new graduates quit first job within three years

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31.9% of new graduates quit first job within three years
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A government annual survey has found that 31.9 percent of people who started work just after graduating from a university in March 2013 left their job within three years, the labor ministry said.

The figure fell 0.4 percentage point from last year’s survey for the second consecutive year of decline.

But the separation rate remained over 30 percent for the fourth straight year as many people changed jobs on the back of an improvement in the employment situation, the ministry said Tuesday.

According to the survey, 12.8 percent quit in the first year, 10.0 percent in the second year and 9.1 percent in the third year.

At businesses with fewer than five workers, 59.0 percent left their job within three years, while the rate stood at 23.6 percent at companies with 1,000 or more employees.

Of those who found work in the hotel and restaurant industry, 50.5 percent of new graduates quit within three years, the highest among all sectors. The rate was the lowest in the electricity, gas and water businesses, at 8.5 percent.

The separation rate stayed above 30 percent for 14 straight years after March 1995.

It slipped below that level for March 2009 graduates, who secured jobs before the employment situation deteriorated after the global financial crisis of 2008.

The rate returned to 30 percent for March 2010 graduates and has stayed above the level. This is apparently because many of those who graduated in 2010 or soon after that had to take a job they did not like due to the severe job situation following the global meltdown.


news source: japantimes.co.jp


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