4 Key Secrets to Hiring and Engaging Gen Z

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4 Key Secrets to Hiring and Engaging Gen Z
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Born in the late 1990s, Gen Z is the newest addition to the workforce. These youngsters have a clear advantage over older generations in terms of being more tech-savvy, realistic and driven by facts. With more of them finishing school or college this year, companies are ready to welcome Gen Z in their workplace. But, how exactly can your company win in today’s war of talents?

There are several advantages why you should consider adding more Gen Z to your workforce, as you can read here. Vivek Madhukar, COO of TimeJobs suggested that Gen Z understands that while their options are unlimited, their time is limited. In a few years to come, Gen Z along with current millennials will make up the biggest generations in the employment field and their professional involvement will affect how businesses operate. To best manage these generations, adjustments are needed because there are differences in terms of perspective, purpose, and proficiency in technology. 

1 . Technology is at the Heart of Your Company

A world without the Internet, cell phones, or Facebook has never existed for Gen Z. They have grown up in a hyper-connected society where they have access to practically all information.  Standardization is becoming more essential as technology advances. For Gen-Z, who are already well-versed in technology, this presents a new job option in a shorter span of time than years of formal education. A report suggested that Gen Z is reliant on technology. When asked what they enjoy best about the virtual job search process, 48.7 % of respondents claimed they feel less nervous meeting with prospective employers and 42% of them feel more prepared for interviews. Gen Z has grown up with technology, so equipping them with technology to do their jobs can be an aspect worth considering. 

As they are educated in a more tech-focused and collaborative environment, conventional training practices may need to be adjusted. Companies should think of ways to leverage Gen Z’s enthusiasm in their technological abilities. Reverse mentorship can be an excellent approach to do this. Companies may provide both younger and older workers the opportunity to mentor one and another by matching them together. This can also provide opportunities for them to share their technical expertise with the rest of the team.

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2 . Work-Life Balance is a Must

By nature, Gen Z are more perceptive and resourceful compared to their predecessors. Having dealt with many uncertainties all their life, including the pandemic, they are very self-reliant and entrepreneurial which make them a good asset for the company. However, Gen Z is also the fastest to see through any company’s dishonesty. They do not have any qualms with criticizing enterprises up front, thanks to social media.

Offer them great work-life balance and they will be committed to the company. To Gen Z workers, a ‘9-to-5’ rigid work-day doesn’t make sense. They seek to make their hobbies their jobs. ‘Work hard and party harder’ is their motto. Companies are increasingly coming to terms with this trend, as 52% of the surveyed organizations agree that work-life balance is what matters to Gen Z employees. And almost 20% of the respondents felt that an open company culture was critical in ensuring successful employment and engagement with this group of millennials within the organization. To understand more about transparency among Gen Z talents, you can read this.

3 . More than Making Money

Organizations believe money alone cannot help motivate Gen Z employees to work harder and stay with them in the long run. It is career growth and learning opportunities that will retain and engage the Gen Z workforce, said nearly 41% employers in the TimesJobs.com survey. Additionally, 1 in 4 employers strongly feel that challenging and meaningful work is the biggest motivator for Gen Z employees to continue working for them. Gen Z wants to work for companies that are socially and environmentally responsible, rather than solely for financial gain. According to Dell’s research, 58 % of Gen Z in Singapore prefer employment that has meaning and purpose beyond just being compensated. 4 out of 10 respondents stated they want to work in places that are socially or environmentally responsible. 

It is advised for companies to create a work environment that gives more than just a financial purpose to attract the finest talents among the Gen Z workforce. Companies may also be required to demonstrate the principles relevant to Gen Z are incorporated in the company’s culture. This can be done by promoting values related to global concerns such as climate change, racial justice, gender equality, and many more. More than just for image, companies need to really live up to these principles they represent.

4 . Make Your Company Something to ‘Brag’ About

Social media has shifted people’s perspectives, both positively and negatively. Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter are three platforms among many others that become showcases for people’s activities. Since Gen Z and millennials are the majority of users on these platforms, they will most likely share with people about their life, including their job. So, you may want to consider making your company to be something they can brag about on social media. This does not mean your company needs to purchase giant bean bags or redecorate your office to be ‘aesthetically pleasing’.

Provide small perks like constantly stocking snacks in your office’s fridge or rent a PlayStation every Friday afternoon once in a while. Dedicate a central TV with an active Netflix subscription or have a cinema-day every month. Low on budget? Offer flexibility such as giving a half-day off on Wednesday (or midweek) every month and a paid-time-off for those who are celebrating their birthdays. Some of these unique non-cash benefits may seem small, but worth bragging to social media about. The fact that your company takes employee day-to-day happiness into account makes Gen Z proud of working with you and even attract more Gen Z into applying for your company! 

Thinking that Gen Z are ‘babies’ who either dance daily to TikTok trending songs or play Valorant from dusk till dawn is an outdated mindset. The oldest batch of Gen Z are actually top talents with high-proficiency in technology and will serve new ideas daily to your company. Although many efforts should be made in hiring and engaging Gen Z, the potentials and positive outcomes of having them around will make the efforts pay off. 

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