2 Things Gen Z Workers Really Want from HR

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2 Things Gen Z Workers Really Want from HR
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Gen Z workers entering the workforce. As the new addition to the team, Generation Z, those born in the mid-1990s and the mid-2000s, will play a crucial role in reshaping the future of workplace culture. Their entrance, on top of the pandemic, will call for a major shift and adjustment worldwide. HR leaders should be the first to step up their game and proactively approach and accommodate what these “babies” desire since they will be the face of the new world.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI)

According to a survey done by Deloitte, a majority of millennials and Gen Zs believe we are at a tipping point on key societal issues including climate change, inequality, and discrimination. They also believe that discrimination is widespread with 23% said they’ve felt discriminated against due to their backgrounds. On this matter, HR Leader for Page Executive, Raphael Asseo explains, “Generation Z put their work ethic, diversity and work-life balance at the centre of their interest and priorities when deciding whether or not to join a company.”

HR’s role is pivotal in this aspect, leaders should focus their hiring process not only on the candidates’ practical values and skills, but also the diversity of perspective and background they can offer. As the environment ranks number one in Gen Z’s decision when choosing a workplace, and number three with Millenials, this means diversity and inclusion are the key for Gen Z retention. If employers fail to demonstrate strong commitments on these issues, it would be most likely that Gen Z workers are not going to stay for long.

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Transparency and Flexibility

Generation Z have never lived in a world where the internet does not exist. By nature, they are more perceptive and resourceful compared to their predecessors. Have dealt with many uncertainties all their life, they are very self-reliant and entrepreneurial which make them a good asset for the company. However, Gen Z is also the fastest to see through any company’s dishonesty. They do not have any qualms with criticizing enterprises up front, thanks to social media.

To accommodate this, HR leaders should revisit their employer-employee relationships in the workplace and make enhancement. Providing them with transparency, where Gen Z workers are given a free pass to any resource and freedom to explore, is going to be the best formula for an agile enterprise in a digital age. Being flexible is also important. By discarding the conventional, rigid organizational hierarchy, leaders could benefit from their Gen Z workers’ feedback, which are undoubtedly more relevant as new trends and technologies continue to evolve. 

In less than five years, Gen Z are predicted to make up a third of the global workforce. With the pandemic still looming as more of these young talents land their first jobs, it becomes a real challenge for HR leaders to abridge new innovation and shift among multi-generational workers. As Gen Z will soon become the leader generation of the new digital network and business, it is important for companies to pose themselves as the most accommodating to their needs. 

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