Can Women Have It All? 5 Strategies For Work-Life Balance

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Many career women nowadays are working towards having work-life balance. But how many can achieve this? As a career woman and also a mother of two, I have to be able to juggle well with these two ‘jobs’. It has been about 10 years since.

My oldest child is now 9 years old, and I’ve been the HR Manager for TBC HR Consulting (a boutique recruitment agency in Singapore) since 8 years ago. Over the years, I’ve picked up a few tips to keep everything on track.

Thus, I would like to share my insights to women out there (who are probably struggling with being a mother and working full-time at the same time). Here are five crucial career strategies only for women:

  1. Never belittle networking

Plenty of women are either busy with work or family, seldom do they have time for networking activities. Indeed, our family and work demand a lot from us.

Fortunately, networking has become easier in this technology era. We can now connect through various mediums like social media platforms, sending an email to someone we just met or using convenient chatting tools to catch up with friends and former colleagues. These can be done anytime without jeopardizing our flow of work or family activities.

Networking is important because someone out there might have a golden opportunity for your career. Get to know others, preferably in the same industry. Let them be your guide to advance your career.

  1. Support each other

When we are overwhelmed, it’s common to put ‘Support’ at the back of the mind. But never belittle this action! While men are more towards encouraging other men to succeed, women are a little bit different (not all perhaps). We tend to compete, and we naturally envy another who just got promoted or praised by the boss.

Yes, it happens. But my advice for us women is to be mature.

Be genuinely happy when someone excels at work. Should they need help from you by being a referral for their upcoming job interview, support them! Always remember that you are not working alone, you are part of a team.

  1. Develop confidence

Although not all might show it, some of us are having confidence issues. Many of us suffer from this crisis but do remember, it is important to believe in your capabilities.

If you find this hard, try to create a career portfolio where you list your work accomplishments. It will boost your confidence, immediately.

Do not let yourself become the ‘doormat’ or the ‘weak link’ in the office. Speak up!

  1. Learning is a never ending task

The secret weapon to survive in the professional world is never to stop learning. Thus, do not take education for granted. Us, women, should receive as much education and training as we can!

Nowadays, women are capable of continuing their education. If you think you can reach it, do it right away! Moreover, there are all kinds of courses we can take, such as professional seminars, workshops and conferences in your field.

  1. Create a career plan

Last but not least, plan your career. Believe me. It is more crucial for women because many circumstances are happening in our life, such as marriage and having kids.

Create your career plan starting from the beginning. It could be for 5, 10, and even 15 years from now.

The plan is likely to change with the turns and twists in your life. But, isn’t it easier when you have a roadmap?

The above article is contributed by Ms Serene Koh (HR Manager in TBC HR Consulting Pte Ltd) and the article first appeared on LadyBoss Asia.

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